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Black and Decker Rotary Tool Kit

This rotary tool kit is a reliable and versatile product that has five accessories, storage bag and a wrench that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The motor of the tool is multi-functional at 12,000 to 30,000 rotations per minute and can be utilized for both light and heavy tasks. The motor has high torque and is more powerful compared to other tools. There are three-speed options for varying intensity.

The speed of 12,000, 24,000, and 30,000 rpm can be achieved by a simple push of a switch. The Black and Decker Rotary Tool Kit is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver and will not be hard to use when tackling large tasks.

The product can cut, sand, grind, carve, clean, polish, engrave, sharpen, and drill through any material. Work pieces are easier to shape, and rust can easily be removed from metal.  Drywall cut-outs can easily be created and are convenient to use in the home or a small workshop.

This tool can also be used by professional contractors and is very functional on any job site. This is a product that has a spindle lock system that is useful when switching from one accessory to the other.


  • Lightweight and can be used easily
  • Motor is highly efficient and powerful
  • Can deliver from 12,000 to 30,000 RPM
  • Can be used in drywalls, metal, glass or tiles
  • Cab be used with all types of accessories
  • Can be used with light home repair work
  • Useful in any professional job site
  • Has rubber grip design for secure hold
  • Has 2-year warranty

The tool is efficient in helping any contractor or carpenter in building and performing repair tasks. This is a product that is connected to the power source by a wire.


This is a well-designed product that makes repair work and construction tasks more efficiently done. The product has a motor that uses 2 amperes of electricity and connected to the power source directly for a sustained performance and reliability.

This is a tool that is useful for the home or professional jobs because the power on the motor ranges from 12,000 to 30,000 RPM, which can be utilized through 3 switches.

The tool comes with five accessories that can enable cutting, polishing, smoothening, sanding, and drilling of metal, glass or wood. Drywall cut-outs can be done with this device and will not present any issues.

The tool has an easy flip-lock spindle that enables replacement of accessories done quickly and efficiently. The tool has a universal collet system that makes the tool compatible with any accessory. The tool is economical and versatile that it can be used with attachments made by other manufacturers.

Black and Decker is a manufacturer of reliable electronic products. The brand is trusted by many professional carpenters and contractors, which also reflects on the quality of this rotary tool because it runs well without bogging down if used exhaustively.

The product’s design is intended to bring comfort to the user because the design is well-done and the rubber grip makes it comfortable to the hand. The comfortable grip makes the user work longer and better.

Compared to other tools in the market, this product has the strongest and most versatility. The five accessories that come with it enables work without dealing with too many attachments for specialized tasks. This is also a tool that can be used with accessories that are not part of the Black and Decker line. This ensures that the product has a long service life and will be able to perform for a long time.


The product malfunctions after a year and some defective models havepoor functioning motors. The spin does not function consistently, and the metal parts rust immediately. After a month of heavy use, defective products wear out. The plastic parts tend to get caught in the motor.

The parts that are made of magnet wear out if the tool is subjected to intense heat, which makes is unfit to be used for a long time. The tool is considered delicate and cannot be subjected to extreme heat.


This is a product that is versatile and efficient. The Black and Decker Rotary Tool Kit comes with five accessories that can be interchanged by a snap-lock system. The tool is great for sanding, cutting, grinding and drilling of any material.

The tool is light and has a rubber grip design that makes it great for using in prolonged period without discomfort. However, the product is delicate, and when it overheats, the magnet inside the motor disengages the entire system. This modification made the current line of products inferior to the previously made models.

The lifespan of the product is questionable due to the motor that has issues with its performance and reliability. At the most, this is a product that can be used for lighthouse repair jobs and not for heavy installation or construction work.


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