How to Choose the Best Rotary Tool

A rotary tool is a very useful device that has a variety of functions because of the numerous attachments that go with it. The rotary tool itself comes in many sizes and weights and can handle various loads of work. The ease of use for each product will depend on how the toolis designed. The tool can be used for drilling, grinding, smoothening and cutting.

A rotary tool is a handy tool for home use. It is a necessary gadget that can be used for small repair jobs as well as doing small home improvement tasks. Some high-powered devices are small but have tremendous work capacity and can deliver as much as 30,000 rotations per minute. The units which are powered by a cord connected directly to a power source are better functioning than those which are powered by batteries.

The ability of the tool to perform will depend on the types of attachments that are installed. When a rotary tool is bought, it comes with accessories that will enable it to perform the tasks that are intended by the user as well as be able to help the user save time and effort in finding a compatible attachment.

What are the attachments used for a rotary tool?

The rotary tool comes with hundreds of attachments and accessories that are crucial in the functionality of the tool. If the user doesn’t know how to distinguish and how to decipher which tools are useful, then the user will end up confused and buying attachments that are not needed.

For cutting, the tool must have a wheel or a straight bit. Cut-off wheels are small and can be used for detailed metal work. The attachment can also be used for trimming sharp edges. The straight bits have multiple purposes and have a stronger cutting capacity than the wheels.

The bits can be used in drilling holes in drywalls and for various thickness of the wood. The bit that has a flat surface is used for making straight cuts in drywall or wood.

The toolkit will also come with carving bits. Engraving on metal or wood is possible with these bits. A flex-shaft attachment is also useful for engraving and is much more appropriate if the user has small hands. The engraving bits can also be used for shaping wood.

A rotary tool is also useful for sanding flat and large surfaces and can also be used for intricate sanding on furniture, molding and metal pieces. The triangular bits are for reaching corners on flat surfaces. The user must, however, practice how to use these bitsbefore using it on the real piece. The sanding wheels can be used for trimming the dog’s nails apart from performing sanding work for wooden furniture.

Other types of attachments which are frequently used are the ones for sanding, grout removal, polishing and coping moldings. These attachments are used mostly for the bathroom and home improvement tasks.

Most Famous Tools Brands: WEN vs. Dremel

There are two types of brands which are the most famous in the line of rotary tools. These brands are WEN and Dremel. Both tools are high-powered, can deliver much energy, and come with a wide variety of attachments that make it multi-functional and versatile.

These two brands are the most trusted by professionals and carpenters for construction work of professional grade because both are powered by motors that are well-designed and constructed to handle exhaustive tasks.

However, there are many differences between the two brands that make it distinctly stand out from the other. WEN accessories, like Dremel, come with the tool and can function as grinder, cutter, planer, and drill. Dremel attachments can be selected, and the user can choose the attachments that are needed. The attachments by WEN are poorly made and break easily.

What is distinct about Dremel is that the tool itself is 6 inches long and is one of the smallest tools available. The size of the tool makes it easy to hold. And even when it is used for a long time, the user does not get fatigued or experiences discomfort.

Another advantage of the Dremel is that it is powered directly from the electrical source and the electrical cable is 6 feet long. Most cordless power tools fail because the battery makes the tool too heavy and that the capacity of the battery is too small to provide ample power to the tool. Dremel can run as much as 30,000 RPM, and the varying option is carried out by a good-powered device.

Safety Tips on Using a Rotary Tool

The user must always remember that when using a rotary tool, the task is always messy no matter how slowly or rapidly the operation is done. The attachment that makes the most mess is the cut-off wheels because sparks and the wheels themselves can disintegrate. Protective gloves and eyewear should always be used.

For the user’s safety, the proper use of bits and wheels should be used with the proper know-how. The user must do the proper research in the use of the attachments, and the user must make sure that the attachments are intended for the material at hand.

Thick cuts will require two cut-off wheels instead of one because the stability of the blade is established well and reduces the amount of switching time. For cutting glass, ceramic, and stone, the best tool to use is the diamond blade. It is best and safest to use this type. Cutting metal is doable with a rotary tool but if the workload is tremendous, the user should opt for a grinder.

The tool should always be usedwithmoderate power. If the deviceis used at its maximum capacity, the wood will start to flare up, or the plastic will start burning. The material should be enforced by the user’s hand or thumb but should be far from the blade or brush.





  Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool  $$  4.6/5
  DEWALT DW660 Cut-Out 5 Amp 30,000 RPM Rotary Tool with 1/8-Inch and 1/4-Inch Collets  $$  4.5/5
  UBANTE U300 5-Speed Rotary Tool Kit  $$$  4.8/5
  Black & Decker RTX-B 3-Speed RTX Rotary Tool Kit  $  4.4/5
  Kawasaki 840589 190-Piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit  $$  4.1/5
  Rotozip SS355-10 5.5 Amp High Speed Spiral Saw System with 2 Accessories  $$  4.2/5
  Makita XOC01Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Cut-Out, Bare Tool  $$$  4.1/5
  Dremel 100-LG Lawn and Garden Rotary Tool Kit  $  4.4/5
  Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2460-20 M12 12-Volt Rotary Tool  $$  4.3/5
  Dremel 4000-6/50 120-Volt Variable-Speed Rotary Tool with 50 Accessories  $$$  4.6/5

The Five Best Rotary Tools

Based on contractor’s expert advice and consumer reports, here are the five best rotary tools. These products were rated based on their performance and endurance in long, exhaustive work conditions. The products below are considered best in their own right and were highly rated by both consumers and professionals.

Dremel Rotary Tool

This is a cordless rotary tool that has 28 accessories and a carrying case. The tool can cut, grind, plane, and polish with a motor that can run up to 30,000 rotations per minute. The tool is light and is easily controlled and transferred from one area to the other.

The tool is powered by a 12-volt lithium battery and can be hauled anywhere without having the inconvenience of a cord. Dremel is a trusted manufacturer of power tools, and many professionals look to this brand for dependable and quality work.

The tool comes with mandrels, sanding drum with the mandrel, polishing compound, sanding bands, cut-off wheel, aluminum oxide grinding wheel, multi-purpose cutting bit, cutting guide attachment, and grinding stone.

The tool uses a 12V max lithium-ion battery pack and included a lithium-ion 1-Hour Charger, micro case, and wrench. Recharging takes only an hour, and the battery gives a long service time. The current version of the Dremel gives 15% more performance life.

However, the battery gives out easily and it makes the tool inconvenient to use especially for long periods. The battery charger overheats and starts to emit smoke.


  • Has 28 pieces of attachments
  • Can be used on wood, tile, stone or glass
  • Tool is compact and powerful
  • Can reach tighter areas
  • Comes with 28 accessories
  • Includes charger and 12V lithium battery
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Engine is powerful and high-performing


  • Battery overheats
  • Keep on switching batteries
  • Cordless feature is a hassle to use

DEWALT DW660 Cut-Out 5 Amp Rotary Tool

Dewalt is another reliable brand of reliable handheld electrical tools for construction work. The tool has a 5-ampere motor and can deliver 30,000 rotations per minute. The tool itself is slim and light.

The tool is good for drilling into drywalls and metal. Apart from versatility the switch is protected from dirt and comes with a seal that preserves the life of the tool as a whole. The power of this tool’s motor is one of the most powerful in the market.

The bits are easily changed with a one-button lock system and have an automatic shut-off mechanism. The tool’s cut-out bits are efficient in cutting and are highly dependable when used on tile or plywood.

The tool is complete with bits and collets that are enough to cut tile and wood. The tool is small and makes it easy to store. The small size of the tool makes it easy to maneuver and control, which makes it equally efficient in doing hard jobs.

The engine does not bog down. The motor that powers this tool is well-built. Because this is a tool that gets power directly from the source, the use of a cord extension wire will be required to reach high areas.

This is a tool that can only be used for small tasks and cannot be used in high-intensity construction work. The tool works best if used sparingly.


  • Rotary tool is powered by 5 amp motor
  • Has emergency bump-off switch
  • Motor runs 30,000 rotations per minute
  • Tool has slim and ergonomic body
  • Switch has dust seal protection
  • Includes ¼-inch and ⅛-inch collets
  • Includes one drywall cutting bit
  • Powered directly from the source
  • Easy to transport
  • Will not cause hand discomfort


  • Good for home use only
  • Tends to overheat

Ubante Rotary Tool

This is a tool that has multiple purposes for the home and performs many tasks in the cutting and polishing of wood and tiles. The speed can be adjusted in various speeds and has an electronic feedback.

The motor runs consistently, and the source is direct from the outlet. The maximum speed is at 37,000 RPM and is covered by a 2-year warranty. The tool comes complete with attachments that can be used for deburring and grinding.

Smoothening of rough edges is possible even for hard materials, and the cutters are made of tungsten. The user can cut in straight lines and can penetrate drywalls and treated wood.

This is a tool that is designed for home repairs and small wood projects as well as bathroom finishing. The kit is complete with cutters, bits, and brushes that make cutting, grinding, polishing, brushing or drilling possible.

The tool has a very reliable motor and can be adjusted in 5 different levels. The different speeds enable the user to have control over the tool and becomes more efficient in dealing with small and large materials.

However, there is no significant difference in the speed of the motor. When put on low settings, the engine works intermittently and poses a threat to the safety of the user and can destroy the material being worked on.


  • Can be used for sanding, polishing, shaping, drilling, deburring, grinding
  • Motor speed is from 10,000 to 37,000 RPM
  • Motor speed can be varied and controlled
  • Tool is intended for home use
  • Has accessories for all-around work
  • Can be used on tile, wood, and glass
  • Has 2-year limited warranty
  • Easy to handle
  • Does not cause discomfort in prolonged use


  • Locks are difficult to manipulate
  • No significant difference in speed

Black and Decker Rotary Tool Kit

This is a toolkit that can be used in the workplace and at home. It comes with five attachments and a storage bag for easier transport.

The tool’s motor can power up to 12,000 to 30,000 RPMs and has a strong torque. There are three-speed options and all work efficiently and effective on any durable material. The tool is light and will not cause discomfort to the user.

The tool can be used for cutting, sanding, grinding, carving, polishing and grout removal. Even drywall cut-outs can be done with this tool, and the spindle lock system makes it convenient to switch from one attachment to the other.

The service life of the product is short, and the motor will not be able to handle hard jobs. Although the manufacturer says that it is apt for professional jobs, this product is better functioning with light repair work at home. Heavy installation of dry walls will not be effective if this tool is used.


  • Lightweight and can be used easily
  • Motor is highly efficient and powerful
  • Can deliver from 12,000 to 30,000 RPM
  • Can be used in drywalls, metal, glass or tiles
  • Can be used with all types of accessories
  • Can be used with light home repair work
  • Useful in any professional job site
  • Has rubber grip design for secure hold
  • Has 2-year warranty


  • Wears out easily
  • Has a short service life
  • Fit for home use only

Kawasaki Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit

This is a product of Japanese engineering and is a trusted brand. The speed of the motor is from 8,000 to 30,000 RPM and comes with a set comprising of 190 attachments. All pieces fit in a kit that makes the tool highly transportable and ergonomic. The tool is capable of sanding, grinding, cutting, and drilling.

The motor is powered from the source and can be used to handle wood, metal or glass. The service life and the motor have varying speed. The tool can be used for drilling of treated walls for construction and home improvement.

The motor takes up 120 volts of power and is plugged directly into the outlet. The tool does not make use of batteries that can be problematic.

This is a tool that is more appropriate to use at home. The motor bogs down after exhaustive use. For cutting and grinding, the user will have lesser problems if a router or a grinder is used. The cord on the tool is too short.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Has durable structure
  • Powered by 1 amp motor
  • Can be used at variable speeds
  • Has complete set of accessories for cutting, grinding, drilling and polishing
  • Motor speed is from 8,000 to 30,000 RPM
  • Comes with a handy storage bag


  • For home use or light tasks only
  • Cord is too short
  • Wears out easily
  • Has a short service life


In choosing the best rotary tool, the user must know first the specific purpose that he or she will be doing. Some tools are specifically designed for light construction work as well as tools that are designed for heavy professional work.

It is important for the user to distinguish between the two appropriately and that the user is aware of what the tool is capable of doing. This way, the user will be safe when tackling various materials and preserve the life of the material at hand.

Overworking the tool and using it beyond its dedicated capacity poses a threat to the safety of the user and makes the work more daunting. The device should always be used with care and consciousness for safety.